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Kentucky Speedway 2011 (discontinued)

This track has now been updated click here for new track.

Kentucky Speedway in Sparta, Kentucky is the first new oval to be added to the NASCAR Sprint Cup schedule in 10 years. To mark this event we at Smiffsden has gone mad and made one of our most feature packed tracks to date featuring the legendary AI from J.R. Franklin, only you'll have no problems getting into this track.

  • Scratch built track from Satellite data and track information including the new curved pit lane
  • Full day to night transition graphics
  • Full length pit speed rules (as per the races)
  • 2011 Sprint Cup weekend race logos
  • New wall, ground, sky textures, lights, etc. etc.
  • Optimized 3D crowd who do things
  • Whelen Pit Entry/Exit light system with flagger and lollipop man too (see Known Issues)
  • Updated cameras

Known issues:
The pit entry flagger and lollipop man may show you wrong information, this seems to be a random game bug that happens if there are cars laps down, always take pit road information from the Whelen Lights and your spotter, if the flagger is showing a red flag and the lights green, and you know you're a lead lap car, then the pits are open.

There is always a night sky in your mirror, even during the day, again this is a limitation of the games graphics engine - blame Papyrus - oh we can't can we?

The lift towers on the top of the Grandstands have a blue top to them when they should be red - oops.

The Kentucky Speedway building on the outside of turn 3 looks a bit naff (imho) in white, but it's what the track did.

You may see random texture clipping, again there's not much I can do about that.

The billboards are best guess, they're not quiet in the right position, but then this isn't a laser scanned track.

The Grandstands don't really extend as far as they should, we know, deal with it LOL.

The track is filled up with shadow maps, so first thing to do if having fps issues is to turn them off along with reflections. Users of high detail mods such as Cup11s and the Indycar mod may see a bigger than normal fps hit.

The AI, Track Grip/Wear and bumps:
J.R. Franklin has lent his AI expertise to the track AI, they are quiet racey so you should have some fun with them, thanks JR!

Within the additions folder, there are some blank 3do's to help with fps on older systems, they'll remove the 3D crowd, their actions and some other stuff that sucks up fps, copy them into the track directory to load them instead of the ingame ones, they simply remove the objects from the track.

Problems? Report to Smiffsden facebook page.

Track Development:
Ian Smythe

A.I. Development:
J.R. Franklin

Beta Testing:
J.R. Franklin
Ian Smythe

I would like to thank everybody who helped identify track side logo's on Facebook and the following who either sourced or supplied information and/or photos of the track and it's surroundings, without all of their help the track simply wouldn't be what it is, there are far too many people to list here but the following deserve an honourable mention....

Kentucky Speedway
J.R. Franklin
Timo Hoffmann
William Baboontester
Vincent Furlong and Scott Relyea.

I'd also like to thank my wife and son for humouring me all this time when I get my "Track OCD moments".

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Kentucky_2011.exe (Installer 49.2MB)

Kentucky_2011.7z (7zip Archive 43.9MB)
ImageScreenshots (to follow):