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Daytona Road Course 2009

This is a refresh of the Daytona Road Course track originally created by Alex Ulleri, aka Smokey, which was then updated by Greg "FOZ" Foslien, it has now been updated to be more rookie & league friendly as well as up to 2009 specification.

Updates from the FRL version:
  • Completely redone AI
  • added 2009 Rolex24 logo's to infield and start gantry
  • added tarmac run off areas at turn 1 and turn 6
  • re-profiled exit of pits wall and added raised curbing.
  • added tyre walls to turn 1, not there in real life but this was needed for the league to stop short cuts.
  • changed all existing tyre walls to "walls" to avoid destroying your car by giving them a little tap.
  • added rotating ferris wheel (yes rotating!!!!!)
  • added animated banners (sorry about some of them, I was bored)
  • added Sprint Cup scoring towers with rotating advertising on top
  • added Sprint Vision panels
  • added commitment cones to pit entry
  • added 3d crowd to grandstands
  • added 3d model of start/finish gantry
  • added a few other bits of eye candy in various places
  • the race now takes place at dusk, with the lighting on
  • modified penalty box on back straight (see below)
  • the track is very bumpy (this was made before the resurfacing)

Corner Cutting:
Don't cut the curbs in turn 1, they are vicious. If you find yourself inside the cone area at the inner loop on the back straight, you must come to a complete stop (0mph shown) before the DOUBLE RED LINE to not get a penalty, if you fail to stop, you will get a stop/go penalty, see Penalty_Box.jpg or Penalty_Box.tga for more details.

Credits & Thanks:
Greg "FOZ" Foslien - for granting permission for the updating to be done.
Carl "Mr Too Slow" Sundberg - for breaking the habbit of a lifetime and beta testing A ROAD TRACK
OMG you actually turned RIGHT Carl!
Jeroen (aka Feempy) from - for permission to use his day to night
sky transitions and the animated scoring towers.
Mrs Smiff - for putting up with me :D
The cats - for taking the kicks like men (only kidding I love my cats!)

Daytona_Road_V8.7z (7Z archive with an Installer in, 20.43MiB)
ImageScreenshots (click to enlarge):