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Pocono 2012 FSE

Freddy (Wheatland) & Sean (Badhairday) are very proud to present an updated version of Pocono Raceway.

This track started as a basic mip and sandbox update by ourselves. But we were soon joined by some big names of the community who pushed us using their skill and knowlegde to produce the finished track.

This track is based on off the Revamped Reloaded Pocono 2009. Thank you to the Revamped Reloaded group for all their hard work on the first version and also giving us permission to update the Pocono Track.

All Updated mip files, logos, asphalt signs, billboards, track textures, wall signs, building signs, score tower, steeple mip textures, grand stands, 3d crowds and shading, was done by Freddy (Wheatenland). unless noted below

Sandbox Work: Sean (Badhairday) on sign placement, adding new safer barrier walls, new pit road, signs, objects, updated asphalt strips, new track shading, fence corrections and creating the new Long Pond straight safer barrier wall configuration.Generaly adding things, taking them out, then putting them back in again.

We would also like to thank Shane for his assistance along the way and continued support to the current group during this project

Thank you to Denis Rioux for taking the time to create the new caution light.

Also special thanks to J.R. Franklin for his time in the project, modifying 3do files, assisting in object placement, and developing the new track A.I configurations to make the track more fun than ever to drive

Special Thanks goes out to Ian of for his work on creating the update of the frontstretch grandstand by adding the new pressbox and steeples to the top of the suites, as well as the associated mip files. THANK YOU!!

Please read the read me for a full acknowledgment of all the help given and in what areas.

Thanks to everyone

Sean and Freddy



Pocono_2012_FSE.7z (7zip Archive 13MB)