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Watkins Glen International (Boot) Trackpack

Watkins Glen has long been one of the most innacurate tracks in the NR2003 game, this update is one of the biggest there is, completely rebuilding the track from the ground up. This version is the Boot layout, updated to 2010 specification, in a lot of cases, the trackside advertising is as at the Indycar race there in 2010.

  • Massive changes to track height, geometry and layout up to 2010 spec.
  • Added tarmac run off areas as per 2010 track spec.
  • Added tunnel access roads, not drivable unfortunately, but they look nice.
  • Added safer barrier to last turn and moved bridge to proper location.
  • New Pit Entry/Exit & flagger official at Pit Entry/Exit.
  • New Camera positions (Tv1 is not great, TV2 matches the TV cameras used in the Izod Indycar race).
  • Added many new objects including trees, crowd, infield, grandstands.
  • All new textures and track signage.
  • New LP files

The trackpack contains:
Track 1: Watkins Glen 2010 Boot Mk2 (Indycar Boot layout)
Track 2: Watkins Glen 2010 Classic Boot (GPL Boot layout)
Track 3: Watkins Glen 2010 V8 Online Edition (see below)


Watkins Glen 2010 V8 Online Edition
This is the V8 Thunder league version of the track, with which you can run all 4 of the Watkins Glen layouts on (Boot, Classic Boot, Cup & Classic Cup), this track is for online use only, it also has some league specific logo's on, please see the readme for setting up the track & cone configurations, there is a noticeable bump as you run along the short shoot, this is where you "short cut" across two track sections, it shouldn't cause issues unless you hit the join very slowly at an acute angle. If you try and run the V8 version offline the AI will run the Classic Boot layout, regardless of which layout you specify in the track.ini file, you should also avoid using full pace lap unless your suffering from insomnia.

Watkins_Glen_2010_TrackPack.exe (Installer, 35.79MiB)
ImageVideo (click to play):