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Classic late Model Mod


V8Mods is proud to present the Classic Late Model mod for NASCAR Racing 2003 Season.

V8Mods is a selection of mod makers working together for the benefit of the NR2003 and NASCAR Heat community, we include members of The Mod Squad, Smiffsden, Ground Pounder Design, V8Thunder Racing and Project: Short Track.

The Classic Late Models is the first product of the team and is a port of the G3 Classic Mod from NASCAR Heat, we would like to thank DaveO for allowing us to convert his mod.

Special Notes:
In the Carviewer x-files, only the custom paintable parts are "rendered", anything on the car that you cannot customise in the template, is not included.

Chevy Nova & Buick Apollo rear bumpers are reversed, this was only picked up very late in the Beta process as most people who had painted a car didn't put logo's or numbers onto the bumper, it was only when one of the beta team added a number the problem was seen, so on these makes, you will need to reverse the logo/images on the rear bumper to have them show correctly, we decided against correcting this due to the time that would have been involved, and corresponding delays.

There is a carset of 32 period cars included, along with the V8Thunder Drivers personal cars, this version of the mod uses the GNS Physics.

CarMakeIDX ingame:
(Chevy) Buick Apollo
(Dodge) Pontiac GrandAm
(Ford) Chevy Nova
(Pontiac) Buick Somerset

Original Models/Templates: DavidO

PSG Scripting & Model Conversion: Ian Smythe

Quality Control and Supreme Espheni Overlord: J.R. Franklin

Carpaints: DavidO, Steve Rada & V8T Drivers

Pitcrews: J.R. Franklin

Beta Testing: All the V8Thunder Drivers including - Carsten Theile, Kelvin Mace, Ian Smythe, Alex Smirnov, Georg Gruber Jr., Ruben Hornacek, DavidO, Chris Hill, Fabian Casula, Pete Hillesheim, Mike Cooper, Alex Pab, Joonas Puhakka, Jim Turner, Erwin Greven, Steve Rada and J.R. Franklin.


CLM_GNS.7z (Mod files 7zip Archive 38.8MB)

CLM_Paintkit.7z (Photoshop and x-files 7zip Archive 7.1MB)

CLM_3DSMax8_MR.7z (Basic 3DSMax Metal Ray scene 7zip Archive 2MB)

A number of additional templates including other manufacturers are available at Bill's Place, here.

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