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Bristol Motor Speedway 2003


Bristol Motor Speedway is a track everybody loves... to hate, this special edition release from V8Thunder/Smiffsden/PST member Ranchaero has been scratch built from the ground up, and we are very happy that he has allowed Smiffsden to host the track for him, the description a labour of love for him just doesn't do his obsession with the track justice, here's some notes from him:

When I began working on this track a few years ago, it was with one goal in mind. This was to build a brand-new, scratch-built version of Bristol Motor Speedway that would be worthy of NR2003. One that could sort of replace the in-game version, which did not simulate Bristol's core characteristics to my satisfaction. At least for myself I can say I achieved stated goal. I am one hundred percent satisfied with the track and enjoy every lap, even after thousands of laps testing.

So I hope you are ready to bend fenders and clash cages with legends such as Rusty Wallace, Jeff Gordon or late era dominators such as Kurt Busch and Matt Kenseth. Hold on to the wheel in a constant struggle for grip as the rough transitions of Bristol's treacherous high banks catapult your racing machine into and out of these turns like a pinball. Overcome the urge to hide under a blanket and burst into tears and instead dive into a three hour twister of perpetual mayhem. Everything and the kitchen sink will be thrown at you during this 500 lap journey to the finish line. Always be prepared to get caught up in somebody else's mess, to slow a car that just cannot be stopped, to save it when it doesn't want to be saved, to not just take it, but to dish it out to everyone who is asking for it. Concrete to left of you and concrete to the right, more than eager to make your acquaintance. A thick layer of concrete hostility underneath is hell-bent on introducing you to its vertical siblings. Surrounding you are 42 other guys, who will not hesitate to make that happen, if you are in their way. You have to be at your best when you arrive at this track and be even better to make it out of there in one piece. This concrete hell does not forgive or tolerate imperfections, so you better come focused and prepared. It is make-or-break at the Bristol Motor Speedway. It always has been and it will be this time around.

Good luck!



- The track features a more accurate layout than the original in shape and end-to-end dimension.
- More accurate transtions and corner radius make the track feel much more like the real thing.
- Characteristic bumps have been added to the track.
- A more realistic grip level has been applied.
- The track features 2 seperate pitroads instead of one, which is preferable in both online competition as well as competition against the computer. It also allows for equal pit road and pacecar speeds, which leads to less cars getting lapped under caution. - AI strength between 97-99 percent is recommended, depending on skill level or carset/98% with in-game carset using the fast/jasper setups.



Every new track takes a bit to learn. Do not get frustrated when a fully applied throttle sends you around more easily than you might be used to. Hit the testing session, select the jasper or fast setup [both are equal*] and practice getting around this very fast short track until you can turn laps in the low 16 second range. Make sure you are able to turn smooth, quick laps and navigate the track safely. Only then are you ready for competition.

An easy method is this: Underdrive the track by ten percent and add a percent every few laps when you feel comfortable. This track punishes overdriving as you will likely slide up the banking or spin out, so you better keep this in mind.

*The Jasper Motorsports Bristol setup provided by Papyrus back in 2003 was used for track testing, configuration and tuning in of the AI. It is undoubtedly the most suitable setup to bring a realistic experience to the player. While this is true for all cup tracks, the setup actually works better on this track than on the in-game original. It is well balanced and allows the player the move around the track in which ever way he desires. Adjustments for AI racing don't need to exceed wedge, tire pressures, tape or diff ratio. Common gears run at Bristol in the Cup Series at the time were 5.43, 5.57 or a tick beyond that.



Bristol_2003.7z (7zip Archive 32.5MB)