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Seekonk Speedway 2023 - Night Version


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At last... here is the NIGHT version of Seekonk Speedway as promised. You will notice some subtle changes in the 2023 night version from the 2022 day version of the track. Among the changes are the following:

* The new pavement strips in the corners that they have installed for the 2023 season.
* The painted lines on the racing surface have been updated to resemble the look of the track in 2023.

Other than what we've mentioned above, this NIGHT version of Seekonk 2023n PST features all of the other same objects and detailing included in the 2022 day version except they are all re-textured for an awesome night environment. We still have the single row of working pit stalls for 25 cars with the entry to the pits in turn 3 and the exit from the pits in turn 4 (which is just the opposite of how the real-life pits work at Seekonk where entry to pits is in turn 4 and the exit back onto the track is out of turn 3).

The track is still set up so a 200 lap race can be run without you or the A.I. pitting for tires or gas (although a caution on lap one may result in some A.I. cars opting to pit). Again, the reason for setting it up this way is that you and the A.I. will lose a lap under almost all circumstances if you opt for a pit stop during the race. By making the decision to limit pit stops only for cars that have sustained damage, it greatly improves the overall racing experience.

We've also included some nice optional files with this track, including 3 different cam files, some alternate track shots and several optional sky files you can just drop into the track folder to give you some variety to your night racing experience. Just follow the installation instructions provided with each one.

As always, good baseline Fast setups are provided to get you immediately competitive with the A.I..

In closing, I want to give a shout out to my PST team members Ben Althen, Ian Smythe, Mike Ehresman, Carl Sundberg and Wayne Anderson who all spent considerable time making miscellaneous contributions to this and mostly all PST projects. I also want to acknowledge my friends and old track making colleagues, Matt Gilson and Aaron Maynard, who created the original Seekonk Speedway track for NR2003 back in 2013.

Finally, PLEASE read the CREDITS README file provided with the track for more very important info on the A.I., the challenges they may present and how to get the best racing experience from Seekonk 2023n PST.

This project "closes the book" on our PST Seekonk projects and will now allow all of our short track enthusiasts to run night races at Seekonk Speedway as well as the 2023 and future tour stop races by the Whelen Modified Tour and other top touring series.

Enjoy racing under the lights at our all new night version of Seekonk 2023n PST... "The Action Track of The East"!"

J.R. Franklin and The PROJECT: Short Track Development Team with Ben Althen, Ian Smythe, Mike Ehresman, Carl Sundberg and Wayne Anderson. DOWNLOAD :

Seekonk_2023n_PST.rar (RAR Archive 44.5MB)